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Things You Feel The Morning After The Gym

via Luke Bailey - BuzzFeed It’s Been Months Since You Went To The Gym, Because, Let’s Be Honest, You’re Kind Of Lazy But You’ve Finally Done Some Excercise. Maybe You Did A Color Run… …Or A Tough Mudder… …Or Just Went To The Gym. But The Point Is, Afterwards You Felt Amazing! Next Morning, Your... Continue Reading →

Paleo Cookies Recipe

via Mackenzie Look - AVAC After recently being diagnosed with Lyme’s disease my doctor recommended that I try eating Paleo. Eating Paleo, for those of you who have somehow avoided the recent onslaught of the Paleo and Crossfit crazes, means avoiding grains of all kinds, dairy, legumes (that means no peanuts, soy, or beans!), sugars,... Continue Reading →

Skinny Pulled Pork Recipe

via Healthy Yummy Eats I always heard that pulled pork tasted great in a slow cooker so I decided to make some skinny pulled pork! I love that I can just prepare this in the morning do all my things during the day then dinner is ready, it feels like I don't have to cook... Continue Reading →

Which Is Better: Walking Or Running?

via Kaiser Permanente Partners In Health There is much evidence pointing to regular exercise as the single best thing a person can do to improve health and longevity, and walking and running are popular ways to get the exercise you need. So, which is better? We asked Robert Sallis, MD, a sports medicine physician at... Continue Reading →

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