Half Marathon ~ Getting Started

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Half Marathon

At the age of six years old, my dad stepped up and coached my soccer team. Being a naive little girl, I mistakenly thought that I would not have to run laps around the soccer field with the rest of the team. When my dad told me to get up and run, I threw a not-so-little tantrum in my soccer cleats and cried my way around the field. Needless to say, I never grew up to be a soccer star. I did, however, grow up to run my first ever half marathon this year! Who would have thought that little girl could accomplish such big things? How did I do it? A good training plan, self-motivation, and a big mouth.

If you are thinking about striving for any goal, the best first step is to figure out a plan. For me, that meant scouring the internet for a half marathon training schedule that fit my needs: A beginner with a busy schedule that does not want any part of waking up early in the morning. Believe it or not, it’s out there. I recommend checking out sites like runnersworld.com or just searching through Google.

Next step, follow the plan. This, my friends, is easier said than done. Chips and salsa are really good. Especially when enjoyed at happy hour. . . How do you stick to a plan with work, friends, and family pulling you every which way?

  • Remember your goal – Every time that snooze button looks a little more appealing than your running shoes, remember what you are striving for (And that you spent all of that money on registration and let’s be honest, new running clothes)
  • Spread the word – Tell all of your friends and family what you are working towards. It is much easier to get to the gym when your friends aren’t tempting you with other offers. If your friends know that Tuesday is your gym day, there is a much higher chance of them asking you to head out to that movie on a Wednesday instead. (It is also harder to back out of a race once you have told everyone you know that you are doing it)
  • Indulge – Don’t eat ice cream every night, but if the mood hits and you haven’t had it in a while, don’t feel guilty about grabbing a spoon. The key to healthy living is balance.

I wouldn’t trade the pride I felt after finishing that race for anything else in the world. If you are thinking about striving for a new goal, be it a 5K or a marathon, just get out there and try. If it’s possible for me to go from shedding tears at the thought of running around a field, to conquering 13.1 miles, then I don’t know what’s not!

Join me while I run with Team AVAC at the Rock N Roll Half Marathon on October 6. Not ready for 13 miles? The mini marathon of 5 miles still has spaces available.


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