Leisure Life: The Quest for Fulfillment

via Jeff Griffith-Jones, General Manager Of Operations – AVAC

Hello Internet!  My name is Jeff Griffith-Jones, and I’m a professional and student in leisure services: General Manager at the Almaden Valley Athletic Club, weekend warrior, grad student at SF State, amateur adventurer, and father of a Tazmanian devil (with a little Taz due in August).

I’m looking for the ultimate leisure lifestyle.  If you’re picturing a lounge chair, Mai Tai, linen pants, and exotic languages—let me walk you through my version of leisure.  One of the more agreed-upon etymology’s of leisure comes from Ancient Greek skole, or school.  The Greeks (back then at least) did things a bit different when teaching.  Without copy and pasting an annotated Greek history here, I’ll sum it up with Plato’s words: “You can learn more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”  I believe in playing.


I’m here (on Earth, that is), to learn…to experiment with how I can lead the most fulfilling lifestyle.  At the center of this lifestyle are my favorite activities such as outdoor sports, triathlon, and teaching—and on the peripheral are all the subjects that enhance those activities: taking the best outdoor photo, becoming fit enough to compete in an Ironman, convincing my 2-year-old son that he’s supposed to ride in this $300 backpack I just bought, not for Daddy to carry his stick collection in.

This contribution to AVAC Life is about my daily quest.  My hope is to connect with others on the same journey.

-Jeff Griffith Jones
Almaden Valley Athletic Club

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