12 Health Benefits Of Pomegranates

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Pomegranates are usually found in the tropical region because the tropical climate supports their growth properly. It’s said to be a lucky fruit by the Chinese and is a traditional fruit in Greek weddings. Egyptians believe that this fruit provides eternity and so they bury these fruits along with the dead bodies. Other than these surprising ancient beliefs, there are number of pomegranate health benefits that work wonders.

1. Prevents Cancer: Highly amount of anti-oxidants, vitamin A, vitamin C and iron in pomegranates fight against free radicals stopping them from damaging cells and thus preventing many cancers especially prostate cancer, breast cancer and lung cancer.

2. Prevents heart diseases: Anti-oxidants present in pomegranates lower bad cholesterol, LDL and increases good cholesterol, HDL preventing heart diseases. Its juice increases the blood flow through the heart making it healthier.

3. Boosts immunity: A medium sized pomegranate contains 15% of the daily required vitamin C which is very essential for a good immune system. So a pomegranate a day can boost your immunity.

4. Healthy Skin: Vitamin C helps in producing collagen for healthy skin. Pomegranate oil derived from its seeds can be applied on the body. Its anti-oxidants protect the skin from toxic gases and pollution preventing aging and skin cancer. It helps in skin cells regeneration, removes dull and dead cells and gives healthy glowing skin.

5. Prevents osteoarthritis: Pomegranate if taken daily can give strength to bones and prevents osteoarthritis.

6. Healthy Arteries: Plaque forms on the arteries which can be removed with daily intake of pomegranates. This also prevents further building up.

7. Blood pressure: Pomegranate juice if taken daily can reduce high blood pressure up to 5%.

8. Prevents dental plaque: Drink a glass of pomegranate juice daily and it can prevent dental plaque.

9. Prevents diarrhea: Pomegranates help in preventing diarrhea.

10. Weight control: Another of the pomegranate benefits is that it is high in anti-oxidants, if taken daily can help you in controlling your body weight. You can take the fruit in your daily diet and lose those extra calories.

11. Prevents cell damage: The presence of anti-oxidants in high quantity fights against the free radicals which usually attack the cells and damage them. Regular consumption of this fruit can keep your body cells and tissues healthy.

12. Prevents Alzheimer’s: one of the greatest benefits of pomegranate is that if this fruit is taken daily, it can help in preventing Alzheimer’s disease. If the patient is already affected by this disease, then it can be slowed down with this fruit. It also improves the patient’s brain and helps to do daily activities properly and more actively.


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