Healthy Snacks

Via Fit Day “Quick, Healthy Snacks and Lunches-to-Go”

Here are some easy and healthy snacks to have on hand. Snacking throughout the day will give you an energy boost and could prevent overeating during your meals:

  • Light string cheese and a piece of fruit
  • Peanut butter paired with whole-grain crackers or an apple
  • Beef jerky and whole-grain cereal
  • Sliced turkey with reduced-fat cheese and mustard and a handful of baby carrots
  • Trail mix made with whole-grain cereal or crackers, dried fruit, and nuts
  • Instant packs of plain oatmeal, topped with nuts and a dash of cinnamon
  • Canned soups (look for light versions and those with lower sodium)
  • Nonfat yogurt topped with granola or pretzels
  • Granola bars (choose those that are high in fiber and have less sugar)
  • Hummus with whole-grain crackers or pita bread, or cut-up vegetables
  • Pouches of tuna or salmon with whole-grain crackers or rice cakes
  • A couple of hard-boiled eggs and a whole-wheat toast
  • Low-fat or fat-free cottage cheese topped with sliced pineapple or cucumber

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