Healthy Snacking For Kids

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4 Steps to Healthy Snacking for Kids

  1. Provide Only Healthy Choices – Kids are more likely to be excited about something if they get to have a say in it.  Give them choices, but just make sure all of the choices are good, healthy options.
  2. Make Healthy Foods Accessible – Kids love to be independent.  Encourage that independence by having healthy snack options within easy reach so that they can serve themselves.
  3. Provide Portion Control – Make sure that accessible snacks are already in healthy portions for kids.  You can buy many foods pre-portioned or portion them out into single serving containers or baggies.
  4. Offer Balanced Snacks – A healthy snack should offer balanced nutrition; a combination of both protein and carbohydrates.   Make sure that easily accessible snacks have both.

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