Under 150 Calories Post Workout Snacks

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workout snacks

Just as important as it is to fuel up before you exercise, don’t forget to eat a little something once your workout is complete. (Your body needs a combo of protein and carbs to build and repair muscle and quickly recharge lost energy.) Don’t go overboard and consume so many calories that it cancels out the ones you burned while sweating it out. Here are some ideas for post-workout snacks, all under 150 calories:

  1. 4 oz. lowfat cottage cheese (81 calories) mixed with half a cup of diced fresh pineapple (41 calories): 122 calories
  2. One extra small apple (53 calories) with one tablespoon peanut butter (94 calories): 147 calories
  3. 15 baby carrots (53 calories) with two tablespoons of hummus (70 calories): 123 calories
  4. One Horizon organic mozzarella cheese stick (80 calories) and 15 grapes (51 calories): 131 calories
  5. 6 oz. container of Peach Chobani Greek yogurt: 140 calories

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