Healthy Stir-Fry Tips

via FitSugar '5 Tips To Keep Stir-Fry Night Healthy' by Leta Shy Don't go overboard with oil: Even a vegetable stir-fry can rack up calories if you keep pouring in the oil. Make sure you use a discerning eye when adding oil, and pour conservatively. If you feel like your stir-fry is getting too dry,... Continue Reading →


Blueberries: A Handful Of Health

via Daily Infographic Blueberries are a tasty treat packed with fiber, vitamin c, and a bunch of other nutrients!

Relax. . . Stretch Out

By Stac Miller, AVAC Writer & Editor Do you stretch properly? Do you stretch correctly? Wondering how to stretch before your workout? Not a human rubber band? No worries, stretching isn’t all about flexibility. The elasticity of our muscles help balance any compressed movements we make. Stretching actually helps strengthen our muscles, creating a better... Continue Reading →

Junior Zumba Dancer At IHRSA

A group of us from AVAC go to the IHRSA convention every year to keep up on the latest and greatest in the fitness industry. This year IHRSA's Annual International Convention & Trade Show was held at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. One of the highlights from the trade show was seeing this Zumba... Continue Reading →

What A Nutty Day

via Health Today is Pecan Day and all about celebrating this sweet nut! Pecans may get a bad rap because they tend to be the star of  more indulgent dessert recipes (think butter pecan ice cream and pecan pie), but eaten alone as a snack or sprinkled into a meal, they deliver health benefits. Pecans... Continue Reading →

Under 150 Calories Post Workout Snacks

via FitSugar Just as important as it is to fuel up before you exercise, don't forget to eat a little something once your workout is complete. (Your body needs a combo of protein and carbs to build and repair muscle and quickly recharge lost energy.) Don't go overboard and consume so many calories that it... Continue Reading →

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